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32.1 The purpose of this page is to provide essential information about the Investment Advisory Services in a manner to assist and enable the perspective client/client in making an informed decision for engaging Investment Advisor before investing.

32.2 History, Present business and Background- Investment Advisor is registered with SEBI as Investment Advisor with Registration No. INA000017684. The firm got its registration on February 20, 2023 and is engaged in advisory services. The focus of Investment Advisor is to provide investment advice to the clients. Advisor aligns its interests with those of the client and seeks to provide the best suited advice based on clients risk profile. Investment Advisor first tries to understand the client’s return expectations, risk taking ability & goals, which in turn helps to arrive at an asset allocation suitable for the client. Investment Advisor conducts frequent portfolio reviews and suggests any corrective action/s if required

32.3 Disciplinary history-No penalties / directions have been issued by SEBI under the SEBI Act or Regulations made there under against the Investment Adviser relating to Investment Advisory services. There are no pending material litigations or legal proceedings, findings of inspections or investigations for which action has been taken or initiated by any regulatory authority against the Investment Adviser. Company’s director Mr. Abhishek was served with a show cause notice for his erstwhile activities as an Individual Investment Adviser on 5th October 2023 by the regulator SEBI for the procedural gap in the inspection carried out by SEBI in January 2023 and subsequently passed an adjudication order on 28th December 2023 with a monetary penalty of Rs.2 lakh.  Ref. adjudication order dated 28/12/2023 bearing Order ref no. Order/SV/RM/2023-24/29906.

32.3 Affiliations with other intermediaries- Investment Advisor has no affiliation with any other SEBI registered intermediaries

32.4 Disclosures with respect to Investment Advisor’s own holding position in financial products / securities: Investment Advisor may hold position in the financial products/ securities advised in its personal portfolio. Details of the same may be referred through the disclosures made at the time of advice.

32.5 Disclosures with respect to any actual or potential conflicts of interest arising from any connection to or association with any issuer of products/ securities, including any material information or facts that might compromise its objectivity or independence in the carrying on of investment advisory services. There are no actual or potential conflicts of interest arising from any connection to or association with any issuer of products/ securities, including any material information or facts that might compromise its objectivity or independence in the carrying on of investment advisory services. Such conflict of interest shall be disclosed to the client as and when they arise.

32.6 Disclosure of all material facts relating to the key features of the products or securities, particularly, performance track record, warnings, disclaimers etc. Clients are requested to go through the detailed key features, performance track record of the product, or security including warnings, disclaimers etc on the website and other documents provided by advisor before investing. Such product materials may also be available to or or respective issuer’s website.

32.7 Drawing client’s attention to warnings, disclaimers in documents, advertising materials relating to investment products. Investment Advisor draws the client’s attention to the warnings, disclaimers in documents, advertising materials relating to an investment product/s which are being recommended to the client/s. A brief regarding the risk associated with the investment products are available in client agreement and on our website, same may be referred before investing in advised product or securities.

33.8 We do not receive any consideration by way of remuneration or compensation or in any other form whatsoever, by us or any of our associates or subsidiaries for any distribution or execution services in respect of the products or securities for which the investment advice is provided to the client .

33.9 We do not force our clients to trade through any particular stock broker. Clients are free to you any stock broking company of their choice for trading purpose.

33.10 All clients are recommended to invest via Direct schemes of various financial products only. This also ensures that objectivity or independence in the carrying on of investment advisory services is not compromised.

33.10 Investment is stock or commodity markets is subject to market risk, though best attempts are made for predicting markets, but no surety of return or accuracy of any kind is guaranteed, while the performance sheet of various products may be available on the website but these should not be considered as a guarantee for future performance of the products/services. Clients are advised to consider all the advice as just a opinion and make investment decision on their own. In case of clients seeking advice on any specific positions already made by the client, we will be able to suggest best possible action considering our view on the security or product. Such suggestion under any circumstances shall be considered as an opinion (not advice) from our side and we advice client to consider our opinion and not consultancy to make his/her final decision. We are not liable for any losses whatsoever client may incur in accepting this opinion.

33.11All the tips which are suggested by our website are communicated in written via instant messaging app, no verbal communication from any of the executives or otherwise under any circumstances shall be considered as advice from us

33.12 Client is also advised to read ,understand & agree to terms & conditions & disclaimer of service.

33.13 We do not guarantee any return.

33.14 To avoid any conflict of interest , we avoid trading in the products under services, if we have any position in any of the recommended products we shall disclose same to the client prior to making such recommendations.
33.15 We categorically states that different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk, and there can be no assurance that the     future performance of any specific investment or investment strategy (including those undertaken or recommended by the Multiplier Wealth, Investment Advisor), will be profitable or equal any historical performance level(s).
33.16 Multiplier Wealth Investment Advisors Private Limited, Investment Advisor and is not liable for use of investment advice through channels such as Telegram, Whatsapp, Facebook etc. where advice is published without any consideration from the investors. reiterates that, while investing, your capital is always at risk. Please invest, responsibly and before deciding to trade on any recommendations, please undertake risk profile assessment on our website.
33.17 Your KYC and Risk Profiling formalities need to be complete before you can use any service from No service would be rendered to any customer before completion of KYC and RPM formalities. For completing the KYC formalities, we proceed with the information mentioned on the PAN Card Number only.
33.18 The service offered to any customer depends on his/her Risk Profile Management. offers only those service to the customers which are either of the same risk category or less. In all the other cases, offers no services and the subscription fee is returned.
33.19 Investments in securities are subject to market risks, which includes price fluctuation risk. There is no assurance or guarantee that the objectives of any of the products mentioned in this document or on this site will be achieved.
33.20 We DO NOT offer or involved in any execution services to our clients. Our services are limited to providing research based trading signals.


Owner- Multiplier Wealth Investment Advisors Private Limited
Type of Registration- Non-Individual
Registration number- INA000017684
CIN Number- U67100HR2021PTC095386
BASL ID- 1960
Validity of registration- Perpetual
Address- 244P, Sector 9A, Huda Market, Gurgaon- 122001, Haryana, India
SEBI Regional Office Address- NBCC Complex, Office Tower-1, 8th Floor,
Plate B, East Kidwai Nagar, New Delhi – 110023

Contact Details of Principal Officer- Abhishek Mobile 8802976838, Email Id-
Contact Details of Compliance Officer- Bhawna Mobile 9910556368, Email Id-

Message/WhatApp-  +919953236776

Registration granted by SEBI, membership of BASL  and certification  from  NISM  in  no  way  guarantee  performance  of  the intermediary or provide any assurance of returns to investors. Investment in securities market are subject to market risks. Read all the related documents carefully before investing. Copyright 2023 © All Right Reserved
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